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Must-Have Roof Rack Accessories

Are you even an off-roader if you haven’t got a roof rack? One of the most prominent 4×4 accessories that you can invest in for your vehicle is a sturdy, reliable roof rack and here in South Africa, we are lucky enough to have a huge selection to choose from. 

Roof racks give 4x4s more versatility and they allow a 4×4 owner to really customise their vehicles and enjoy a whole new kind of experience. The roof rack itself is what makes it possible to do more things with your vehicle and to essentially have a lot more fun. 

At Venture 4×4 we have one of the widest selections of roof racks as well as all of the roof rack accessories you could possibly want. Our huge catalogue of products is available from our shop in Nelspruit and along with helping you select the best roof rack and accessories, we can also give you excellent advice to ensure that you kit your 4×4 out in the way that you want to. 

From comfortable roof tents to accessories that can be used to carry specific things like spare tires, here is a list of the must-have roof rack accessories that you can start collecting for your 4×4.

  • Roof tents for convenient camping

One of the best types of camping tents is the kind that can be mounted on your roof. Not only are these tents convenient to use, but they also add some safety to your camping trip, especially if you are camping in a place where there’s no fencing. Roof top tents will keep you out of danger and they also save space, allowing you to pitch your tent no matter where you find yourself. 

  • Roof racks for extra storage space

You might think that since you already have a 4×4 with plenty of space, you won’t need any extra place to put your things. But if you are going on a really long trip, having that extra space on your roof can make all the difference. Such space can be used for all sorts of things although it is generally only used for luggage. 

  • Awning systems for shade and shelter

Heading to the beach or some other warm and sunny place? Having an awning system to set up some shade and to give yourself some shelter from the elements, is made so much easier when you have the right contraption to set it all  up. This 4×4 accessory is an essential for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

  • Mounts for jerry cans, spare tires, and other equipment

When travelling long distances and when going to remote places where you might not get fuel, water or last minute spares, this particular roof rack accessory will give you the appropriate mounts for all sorts of things you want to take with you.  

  • Lighting options for night time adventures

And then there is the additional lighting. If you are in need of additionally light, opting for a roof rack accessory that includes lighting options, you can invest in an appropriate roof rack accessory.