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Wildog Accessories Rocksliders/Side steps

Wildog Rocksliders and Side Steps: Conquering Off-Road Challenges with Ease

Wildog Rocksliders and Side Steps are engineered to tackle the rugged terrains and obstacles encountered during off-road journeys. With their durable construction and functional design, Wildog offers the perfect combination of protection and accessibility for your vehicle.

Wildog Rocksliders and Side Steps are essential additions for any off-road enthusiast seeking to enhance their vehicle’s off-road capability, accessibility, and protection. With their robust construction, precise fitment, and functional design, Wildog offers the perfect combination of durability and convenience. Invest in Wildog Rocksliders and Side Steps to conquer off-road challenges with ease and enjoy your adventures to the fullest.


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Key Features of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps

1. Heavy-Duty Construction

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are built using high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum. The heavy-duty construction ensures durability and the ability to withstand impacts, rocks, and other off-road hazards. You can rely on Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps to protect your vehicle’s vulnerable sides from damage during challenging off-road excursions.

2. Enhanced Vehicle Protection

One of the primary functions of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps is to provide enhanced protection to your vehicle’s body panels and doors. These accessories act as a buffer, absorbing impacts from rocks, tree stumps, and other obstacles encountered during off-road adventures. With Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps installed, you can confidently navigate challenging terrains without worrying about damaging your vehicle’s exterior.

3. Improved Accessibility

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps serve a dual purpose by also acting as convenient side steps. They provide an easier and safer way to access your vehicle’s cabin, especially if you have a lifted or taller off-road vehicle. The well-designed stepping surface offers stability and support, making it effortless for both driver and passengers to enter or exit the vehicle.

4. Sleek and Rugged Design

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are engineered with a sleek and rugged design that complements the aesthetics of your off-road vehicle. These accessories not only provide functionality but also add a touch of style. Whether you prefer a more aggressive or subtle look, Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps can be customized to match your vehicle’s unique personality.

5. Easy Installation

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are designed for straightforward installation. They come with detailed instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware. The installation process typically involves securely attaching the rocksliders/side steps to your vehicle’s frame or body mounts. However, it’s important to note that the installation may vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific installation steps.

Now that we’ve explored the key features, let’s delve into the benefits of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps.

Benefits of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps

1. Body Protection

The primary benefit of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps is the enhanced protection they provide to your vehicle’s body. These accessories create a barrier between your vehicle and off-road hazards, such as rocks, branches, and uneven terrain. By installing Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps, you can prevent damage to your vehicle’s body panels and preserve its resale value.

2. Easy Access

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps improve accessibility to your off-road vehicle. The built-in side steps offer a convenient platform to step on when entering or exiting the vehicle, especially if it’s lifted or has larger tires. This feature enhances safety and convenience for both the driver and passengers.

3. Off-Road Capability

With Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps, you can confidently navigate challenging off-road trails. These accessories provide a solid foundation, allowing you to maneuver over rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles without worry. Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps give your vehicle the necessary clearance and protection to conquer demanding terrains.

4. Aesthetics

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the appearance of your off-road vehicle. The sleek and rugged design adds a touch of style, giving your vehicle a more aggressive and purpose-built look. You can customize the finish and design of the rocksliders/side steps to match your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

5. Increased Resale Value

Investing in Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps can increase the resale value of your off-road vehicle. Prospective buyers often look for vehicles equipped with accessories that enhance protection and functionality. By having Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps installed, you can attract potential buyers who appreciate the added off-road capability and vehicle protection.

Installation of Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps

1. Prepare Your Vehicle

Clean the vehicle’s body and remove any existing side steps or accessories that may interfere with the installation.

2. Gather the Required Tools

Ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment, such as wrenches and sockets, to complete the installation.

3. Follow the Instructions

Carefully read and follow the installation instructions provided by Wildog. Familiarize yourself with the steps, hardware, and any specific requirements for your vehicle.

4. Position the Rocksliders/Side Steps

Align the Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps with the mounting points on your vehicle’s body. Ensure proper fitment and alignment before proceeding.

5. Secure the Rocksliders/Side Steps

Using the provided hardware, securely attach the Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps to the designated mounting points. Follow the recommended torque specifications to ensure proper fastening.

6. Check and Adjust

Double-check all fasteners to ensure they are tightened to the specified torque values. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a secure and proper fit.

7. Functional Testing

Once the Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are installed, perform a functional test. Ensure that the steps provide a stable and secure platform for entering and exiting the vehicle. 

Yes, Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are designed for easy installation. The package includes detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware. However, if you are not confident in your installation skills, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper fitment and functionality.

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps are designed to maintain optimal ground clearance. They are engineered to be as low-profile as possible, ensuring minimal impact on your vehicle's off-road capabilities.

To clean Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps, simply use a mild detergent and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes that could potentially damage the finish. Regular cleaning and inspection will help maintain their appearance and longevity.

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps come with a durable powder coat finish, which not only provides corrosion resistance but also offers a stylish appearance. However, if you prefer to paint them to match your vehicle's color, it is recommended to consult with a professional automotive painter for the best results.

Wildog Rocksliders/Side Steps can be purchased directly from their official website or through authorized dealers. Check their website for a list of dealers or to make a purchase online.