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DECKED drawer systems made in the usa is a heavy duty drawer system tha offer a number of key features that make them a popular choice for those looking for a durable, weatherproof storage solution for their bakkie. These features include a 3-year warranty, a payload rating of 1000 kg evenly distributed on the deck, and two full bed-length drawers that are weatherproof and impervious to moisture and extreme UV light exposure.

Decked Drawer System: Organize Your Gear with Efficiency and Style

Maximize Your Storage Space with the Innovative Decked Drawer System. Are you tired of rummaging through disorganized truck beds or cargo areas? Look no further than the Decked Drawer System! The Decked Drawer System is a revolutionary storage solution designed to help you keep your gear organized, secure, and easily accessible. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and installation process of the Decked Drawer System. Get ready to transform your truck or cargo area into a well-organized and efficient space!

Popular Products:


2000 LB
No compromises. DECKED has the same payload as your truck.

200 LB
Drawer Capacity
Load em’ up. Each drawer can handle 200 lbs of whatever you got.

200 LB
Product Weight
Heavy in duty, light in weight. Won’t impact your truck’s payload capacity.

CargoGlide for Drawers

2,200 LB
Available in payload ratings of 1,000 lb, 1,500 lb, and 2,200 lb.

Comes in either 70% or 100% extension options.

Trucks and Vans on the Road
Fits nearly anything with a bed. Compatible with Drawer Systems.


Key Features of Decked Truck Bed Storage Systems

1. Durable Construction

Decked truck bed storage systems are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harshest conditions. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and steel components, ensuring strength, durability, and resistance to UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. This robust construction ensures that your Decked system will stand the test of time.

2. Weatherproof Design

Decked storage systems feature a weatherproof design that keeps your gear and tools protected from the elements. The drawers are sealed and equipped with drain plugs, allowing you to safely store and transport items without worrying about water damage. Whether you encounter rain, snow, or dusty conditions, Decked provides a reliable storage solution to keep your belongings secure and dry.

3. Easy Organization

Decked storage systems are designed with organization in mind. They feature multiple drawers with dividers and compartments, allowing you to separate and categorize your tools, equipment, and gear. This ensures easy access to your items, saving you time and effort when searching for specific items in your truck bed.

4. Full Bed Usage

One of the standout features of Decked storage systems is their ability to maximize the use of your truck bed space. The system is installed directly into the bed, raising it slightly and creating two separate levels of storage. This allows you to utilize the full length, width, and depth of your truck bed, making the most efficient use of available space.

5. Versatility

Decked storage systems are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of truck models and bed sizes. They are available for popular truck brands, including Ford, Chevrolet, RAM, Toyota, and more. Whether you have a full-size or mid-size truck, Decked offers options to fit your specific vehicle.


Benefits of Using Decked Truck Bed Storage Systems

1. Enhanced Organization

By incorporating a Decked storage system into your truck bed, you can significantly enhance your organizational capabilities. The multiple drawers and compartments allow you to keep your tools, equipment, and gear neatly organized, minimizing clutter and improving efficiency.

2. Secure Storage Solution

Decked storage systems provide a secure storage solution for your valuable belongings. The lockable drawers offer added security, keeping your items safe from theft or unauthorized access. Whether you’re a contractor with expensive tools or an outdoor enthusiast with valuable equipment, Decked ensures peace of mind knowing that your items are secure.

3. Increased Productivity

With Decked storage systems, you can save time and increase productivity. The organized layout allows for quick and easy access to your tools, eliminating the need to dig through a messy truck bed. This efficiency translates into more time spent on the job or enjoying your outdoor activities.

4. Protects Your Truck Bed

Decked storage systems not only provide storage solutions but also protect your truck bed. The raised design prevents direct contact between your gear and the bed surface, reducing the risk of scratches, dents, and other damage. This preservation of your truck bed’s condition helps maintain its resale value.

5. Modular Design

Decked storage systems feature a modular design that allows for customization and expansion. You can add accessories such as dividers, trays, and locks to further tailor the system to your needs. This flexibility ensures that your Decked system can adapt to your changing storage requirements.


Installation Process of Decked Truck Bed Storage Systems

1. Preparation

Gather all the necessary tools and components as outlined in the Decked installation instructions. Ensure that you have a clean and empty truck bed before starting the installation process.

2. Positioning

Carefully position the Decked system in your truck bed, ensuring proper alignment and clearance with the bed walls and wheel wells. Follow the provided measurements and instructions for precise placement.

3. Anchoring

Secure the Decked system to your truck bed using the included hardware. This typically involves attaching brackets, clamps, or brackets to the bed rails or existing anchor points. Ensure a tight and secure fit to prevent any movement during vehicle operation.

4. Drawer Assembly

Assemble the drawers according to the provided instructions. This may involve attaching handles, dividers, and other components. Follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure correct assembly.

5. Insertion

Carefully slide the assembled drawers into the Decked system, ensuring they glide smoothly and align properly. Test the drawers for proper operation and make any necessary adjustments.

6. Final Checks

Double-check all connections, screws, and fasteners to ensure everything is tightened and secure. Verify that the drawers open and close smoothly without any obstructions.

The Decked Drawer System is designed to support heavy loads. The payload capacity depends on the specific model and configuration, but it can range from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.

Yes, the Decked Drawer System is designed for easy installation. It typically requires minimal tools and can be installed by following the provided instructions. However, professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

Yes, the Decked Drawer System allows for full bed-length or cargo area access. The drawers can be easily removed if you need to utilize the entire space for larger items or specific tasks.

The Decked Drawer System is compatible with many truck bed accessories, such as tonneau covers, bed extenders, and racks. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific accessories and vehicle model.

The Decked Drawer System is designed to be vehicle-specific and may not be easily transferable to another vehicle. It's recommended to check the compatibility and consider the long-term usage when purchasing the system.

The Drawer System can hold a load of 2000 lbs, distributed evenly. DECKED can withstand a load rating of 50 lbs per square foot, so if you have something heavy to carry, please put a piece of plywood down first.  Use common sense. If it's heavy, SPREAD THE LOAD. The Drawer System's load rating is designed for a “real world” 2000 lb. What does this mean? If you hit a pothole or bump, you will significantly increase the stress on your System for a moment in time – and the system is built to handle that. That being said, if your load is not evenly distributed you can overburden your system. For instance, if you place 2000 lbs on a 4′ x 4′ pallet on your Drawer System, the loading per square foot is roughly double what our system is designed to handle. If you plan to place concentrated and/or very heavy loads on your Drawer System, we highly suggest you add a thick piece of plywood to spread the load over a larger area.

No and yes. No in normal use cases but yes if the drawers are loaded >100 Lbs each (and depending on the ramp angle of your tailgate). The drawers are pretty stout and they can easily handle 200 lbs each, but the bottoms of the drawers will sag slightly under big loads.

The drawers on a Drawer System are designed to accommodate 200 lbs each. When a drawer is fully extended, it places a large/leveraged load upwards onto the deck. We chose a compromise that limits the extension but still minimized the height of the Drawer System itself. This also allowed for a taller drawer.Drawer Systems for full-size trucks extend 42".Drawer Systems for midsize trucks extend 36".