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Onenav is a multimedia and navigation systems for vehicles. Their product, the Onenav multimedia system, can be installed to replace a vehicle’s current radio and includes features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a touchscreen display.

OneNav: Revolutionizing Navigation Technology

Unlocking the Future of Navigation with OneNav. OneNav harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to offer an unparalleled navigation experience.

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  • Resolution: 1024 × 600
  • Apple CarPlay | Android Auto
  • Built-in DSP with Multi Band EQ
  • Steering Wheel Control Ready
  • Built-in Bluetooth with External Microphone
  • 4 channels × 40W MAX Power Output
  • 4.1 Channels Lineout: Front | Rear | Subwoofer
  • 2 × RCA AV Input | 2 × Video Output
  • Front and Rear Camera Input

OneX Smart Mirror

  • 170º Viewing Angle
  • Integrated Digital Video Recorder
  • Up to 64GB SD Card Reader
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Universal Mount




Key Features of OneNav Navigation Systems

1. Intuitive User Interface

OneNav navigation systems boast an intuitive user interface, making it easy and straightforward to use. The interface is designed to provide quick access to essential functions, including route planning, address search, and points of interest. With a user-friendly interface, OneNav ensures a seamless and enjoyable navigation experience for drivers.

2. Real-Time Traffic Updates

OneNav navigation systems are equipped with real-time traffic updates, allowing drivers to stay informed about traffic conditions and choose the most efficient routes. By providing up-to-date information on traffic congestion, accidents, and road closures, OneNav helps drivers save time and avoid unnecessary delays during their journeys.

3. Voice-Guided Directions

OneNav navigation systems feature voice-guided directions, eliminating the need for drivers to constantly look at the screen for instructions. The voice prompts provide clear and concise directions, ensuring drivers can focus on the road while still receiving accurate guidance to their destinations.

4. Large, High-Resolution Display

OneNav navigation systems come with large, high-resolution displays that provide clear and detailed map views. The vibrant screens ensure optimal visibility, even in bright sunlight or low-light conditions, making it easier for drivers to read maps and follow directions with ease.

5. Multiple Map Views and Customization Options

OneNav offers multiple map views, allowing drivers to choose their preferred display style, such as 2D or 3D maps. Additionally, OneNav navigation systems provide customization options, allowing users to personalize their map settings, including map colors, icon styles, and map orientation, to suit their preferences.


Benefits of Using OneNav Navigation Systems

1. Accurate and Reliable Navigation

OneNav navigation systems are designed to provide accurate and reliable navigation guidance. With advanced GPS technology and up-to-date map data, drivers can trust OneNav to deliver precise directions, ensuring they reach their destinations efficiently and with confidence.

2. Time and Fuel Savings

By offering real-time traffic updates and efficient route planning, OneNav helps drivers save time and reduce fuel consumption. Avoiding traffic congestion and choosing the most optimal routes can significantly shorten travel times and improve overall fuel efficiency.

3. Enhanced Driver Convenience

OneNav navigation systems enhance driver convenience by simplifying the navigation process. The intuitive user interface, voice-guided directions, and customizable settings make it easy for drivers to navigate unfamiliar areas, find points of interest, and enjoy a stress-free driving experience.

4. Upgradable and Expandable Features

OneNav navigation systems often come with upgradable and expandable features, allowing users to customize their devices according to their evolving needs. Whether it’s adding new maps, updating software, or integrating additional accessories, OneNav ensures that your navigation system can adapt and grow with you.

5. Improved Safety

Accurate navigation guidance from OneNav reduces the chances of getting lost or taking wrong turns, contributing to safer driving experiences. By keeping drivers on the right track, OneNav navigation systems promote road safety and help prevent accidents caused by distractions or sudden route changes.


Installation Process of OneNav Navigation Systems

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

Before starting the installation, ensure you have all the necessary tools, including screwdrivers, wire strippers, and mounting brackets. Refer to the user manual for the specific tools required for your OneNav navigation system.

2. Prepare the Mounting Location

Identify the ideal location on your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield to mount the navigation system. Ensure that the chosen spot provides optimal visibility and accessibility while adhering to local laws and regulations regarding placement.

3. Mount the Navigation System

Use the provided mounting brackets and hardware to securely attach the OneNav navigation system to the chosen location. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific mounting process.

4. Connect Power and Wiring

Connect the power cable of the navigation system to a suitable power source, such as the vehicle’s fuse box or cigarette lighter socket. Ensure that the wiring is properly routed and concealed to maintain a clean and organized installation.

5.Install GPS Antenna

Depending on the model, you may need to install a GPS antenna for optimal satellite signal reception. Place the antenna in a location with a clear view of the sky, such as the dashboard or the roof of the vehicle.

6. Test and Configure

Once the installation is complete, power on the OneNav navigation system and perform a test to ensure it is functioning correctly. Configure the settings, including language preferences, map updates, and any additional features available.

OneNav regularly releases map and software updates to provide users with the latest navigation data and improvements. The frequency of updates may vary, but it's recommended to check for updates periodically and install them to benefit from the most accurate maps and enhanced features. Updates can usually be downloaded and installed through the OneNav interface or the manufacturer's official website.

Yes, OneNav supports voice commands for hands-free operation. You can use voice commands to input addresses, search for points of interest, adjust settings, and perform other functions within the navigation system. Voice commands provide an additional level of convenience and safety by minimizing distractions while driving.

Yes, OneNav typically offers display customization options, allowing you to adjust settings such as brightness, color schemes, and screen layouts to suit your preferences. Customization options may vary depending on the specific model and software version. Refer to the user manual or the settings menu of your OneNav system for detailed instructions on how to customize the display settings.

OneNav systems may offer smartphone integration features such as Bluetooth connectivity or compatibility with mobile apps. These features allow you to connect your smartphone to the navigation system, access additional functionalities, and stream media directly from your device. Check the specifications and features of your specific OneNav model to determine the extent of smartphone integration available.