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Powerbrake is a South African company that specializes in high-performance braking systems for various types of vehicles. Their products are designed and manufactured in-house using advanced engineering and materials to improve the overall stopping power and safety of vehicles. Some of their popular products include performance brake discs, brake pads, and brake calipers.

Powerbrake: Redefining Braking Excellence

Powerbrake is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance braking systems for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and off-road vehicles. With a focus on quality, performance, and safety, Powerbrake has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional braking solutions that meet the demands of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Popular Products:

D-Line Disc & Pad Kit

  • A pair of Powerbrake AT-Series high performance slotted discs.
  • Our AT-series discs are cast from a proprietary high-carbon alloy.
  • The AT-Series slot pattern was developed specifically for use on 4×4’s.
  • Discs are the same size as the factory discs and are direct replacement items.
  • An axle set of matched high-performance brake pads.
  • Pads are the same profile as the factory pads and are direct replacement items.
  • Pad compounds have been specifically selected for use on 4×4 vehicles.
  • Comprehensive fitment and bed-in instructions.

X-Line 4×4 Big Brake Kit (Stage1)

  • X-Line billet 6-piston off-road calipers.
  • High-performance brake pads, pre-loaded into the calipers.
  • 1-Piece 350x34mm 48-vane discs.
  • Curved, directional cooling vanes.
  • Billet caliper mounting brackets.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines.
  • All necessary mounting hardware for quick, easy bolt-on installation.
  • Comprehensive fitment and bed-in instructions.




X-Line 4×4 Big Brake Kit (Stage 2)

  • X-Line billet 6-piston off-road calipers.
  • High-performance brake pads, pre-loaded into the calipers.
  • 2-Piece 345-395x34mm 72-vane discs.
  • Semi-float disc drive system allows for radial disc expansion and contraction.
  • Curved directional cooling vanes.
  • Billet caliper mounting brackets.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines.
  • All necessary mounting hardware for quick, easy bolt-on installation.
  • Comprehensive fitment and bed-in instructions.



The Key Features of Powerbrake

Powerbrake offers a range of impressive features that set it apart from conventional braking systems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

1. Advanced Brake Disc Technology

Powerbrake utilizes advanced brake disc technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Their brake discs are engineered using high-quality materials and innovative design techniques, resulting in superior heat dissipation, reduced fade, and enhanced braking efficiency.

2. Performance Brake Pads

Powerbrake’s performance brake pads are designed to deliver consistent stopping power and excellent pedal feel. These brake pads offer improved bite, reduced brake dust, and enhanced resistance to fade, making them ideal for both everyday driving and high-performance applications.

3. Precision Machining

Powerbrake pays meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Each brake disc undergoes precision machining to guarantee perfect balance and smooth operation, minimizing vibrations, noise, and brake pedal pulsation.

4. Durable Coating

Powerbrake employs a durable and corrosion-resistant coating on their brake discs, protecting them from the harsh elements and extending their lifespan. This coating also enhances the aesthetics of the braking system, giving your vehicle a stylish and sporty appearance.

5. Application-Specific Design

Powerbrake understands that different vehicles and driving conditions require tailored braking solutions. They offer a range of brake discs and pads designed for specific vehicle models and applications, ensuring optimal fitment and performance.


Benefits of Powerbrake

Investing in Powerbrake braking systems can yield numerous benefits for vehicle owners. Here are some of the advantages you can expect:

1. Enhanced Braking Performance

Powerbrake’s advanced technology and high-quality materials significantly improve braking performance. With Powerbrake, you can experience shorter stopping distances, improved pedal feel, and consistent brake performance even under demanding conditions.

2. Reduced Brake Fade

Brake fade occurs when repeated or prolonged braking leads to a decrease in stopping power. Powerbrake’s superior heat dissipation capabilities and fade-resistant brake pads minimize the risk of brake fade, providing you with confidence and control in critical braking situations.

3. Extended Brake Life

Powerbrake’s precision machining, durable coating, and quality materials contribute to extended brake disc and pad life. This not only reduces the frequency of brake replacements but also lowers long-term maintenance costs.

4. Improved Safety

The exceptional braking performance of Powerbrake systems enhances vehicle safety, allowing for quicker and more controlled stops. Whether you’re driving in city traffic or tackling challenging off-road terrains, Powerbrake ensures that your vehicle can stop reliably and safely.

5. Versatility

Powerbrake offers braking solutions for various vehicle types and applications, catering to both street and off-road enthusiasts. Whether you have a high-performance sports car or a rugged 4×4, Powerbrake has the right braking system to suit your needs.


Installation Tips for Powerbrake Systems

Installing Powerbrake braking systems requires attention to detail and some mechanical expertise. While it’s always recommended to have a professional perform the installation, experienced DIYers may choose to tackle the task themselves. Here are some essential tips to ensure a successful installation:

1. Gather the Necessary Tools and Equipment

Before starting the installation, gather all the required tools and equipment. Some common tools you’ll need include a socket set, wrenches, brake caliper piston tool, brake fluid, and a hydraulic jack. It’s also crucial to have the appropriate service manual or installation instructions provided by Powerbrake.

2. Read and Understand the Instructions

Powerbrake provides detailed installation instructions with their braking systems. It’s essential to thoroughly read and understand these instructions before beginning the installation process. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures proper fitment and avoids any potential issues.

3. Take Safety Precautions

Working on the braking system requires extra caution and safety measures. Ensure that the vehicle is securely lifted using proper jack stands and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents. It’s advisable to wear safety goggles, gloves, and other protective gear during the installation.

4. Inspect and Clean Components

Before installing the new Powerbrake system, inspect and clean all the relevant components. Check the condition of brake calipers, brake lines, and hardware. Remove any dirt, debris, or corrosion that could interfere with proper installation or affect the performance of the new braking system.

5. Follow Proper Torque Specifications

When tightening bolts and nuts during the installation, always follow the recommended torque specifications provided by Powerbrake. Over-tightening or under-tightening can lead to improper brake operation and potential safety hazards.

6. Proper Bedding-in Procedure

After installing the Powerbrake system, it’s crucial to perform the proper bedding-in procedure. This involves a series of controlled stops to transfer a thin, even layer of brake pad material onto the new brake discs. Following the manufacturer’s recommended bedding-in procedure ensures optimal performance and longevity of the braking system.

The lifespan of Powerbrake brake discs and pads depends on various factors, including driving conditions, vehicle weight, and maintenance practices. With regular inspections and proper care, Powerbrake brake discs and pads can provide reliable performance for an extended period.

Yes, Powerbrake offers braking systems specifically designed for both street and off-road applications. Whether you're looking for enhanced performance on the track or improved braking capabilities for off-road adventures, Powerbrake has the right solution.

Powerbrake offers a wide range of braking systems designed to fit various makes and models of vehicles. It's crucial to check the compatibility of the specific product with your vehicle before making a purchase. Consulting Powerbrake's website or contacting their customer support can provide the necessary information.

Yes, Powerbrake products are backed by a warranty that demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in their quality and reliability. The specific warranty terms may vary, so it's essential to consult the manufacturer or authorized dealer for complete details.

Yes, Powerbrake braking systems are designed to improve braking performance, which can result in shorter stopping distances. The advanced technology and high-quality materials used in Powerbrake systems contribute to better braking efficiency and control.