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Wildog Accessories (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality off-road accessories for 4×4 vehicles. Their goal is to equip your vehicle with the proper high quality off-road products to protect it on the toughest trails. They are one of South Africa’s favourite brands

Wildog Accessories is your one-stop shop for all your adventure needs. From off-road equipment to camping essentials, this article dives deep into the world of Wildog Accessories, guiding you through their incredible selection of gear.

Wildog Accessories: Unleash the Adventurer Within

Wildog Accessories specializes in providing adventure enthusiasts with top-quality gear that enhances their outdoor experiences. Whether you’re embarking on an off-road expedition, setting up camp in the wilderness, or exploring rugged terrains, Wildog Accessories has you covered with an extensive range of products designed to withstand the elements and deliver exceptional performance.

Popular Products:

Front Replacement Bumpers




Rocksliders/ Side steps


Underbody Protection


Wildog bull bars are designed to safeguard your vehicle’s front end from impacts and collisions. Crafted from high-strength materials, these bull bars provide excellent protection while adding a rugged aesthetic to your vehicle. With a range of models available, you can choose the perfect bull bar to suit your vehicle and off-road needs.


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Wildog rear bumpers are the perfect combination of protection and style for your vehicle. With their robust construction and sleek design, Wildog rear bumpers offer enhanced protection against rear-end collisions while adding a touch of rugged elegance to your vehicle. Explore the features and find the ideal Wildog rear bumper for your vehicle today.

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When tackling rough terrains, rock sliders from Wildog Accessories are essential. These robust bars protect your vehicle’s vulnerable undercarriage and sills from damage caused by rocks, logs, and other obstacles. By installing Wildog rock sliders, you can navigate challenging trails with peace of mind.

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Wildog offers reliable underbody protection that shields your vehicle against off-road hazards, ensuring peace of mind during your adventures. Discover the features and find the perfect Wildog underbody protection for your vehicle.

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Key Features of Wildog Accessories

1. Robust Construction

Wildog Accessories are built to withstand the demands of off-road adventures. They are constructed using high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to impact. The rugged construction of Wildog Accessories provides enhanced protection for your vehicle, especially during challenging terrains and obstacles.

2. Enhanced Off-Road Protection

When venturing off the beaten path, protecting your vehicle becomes crucial. Wildog Accessories offer excellent off-road protection by incorporating features like bull bars, rock sliders, and skid plates. These accessories shield your vehicle’s vulnerable areas, such as the front end, sides, and undercarriage, from rocks, branches, and other potential hazards you may encounter on the trail.

3. Versatility and Customization

Wildog Accessories offer versatility and customization options to suit your specific needs and vehicle requirements. Whether you need a bull bar with additional mounting points for auxiliary lights, a roof rack with adjustable crossbars, or a snorkel for improved water fording capability, Wildog has you covered. The ability to customize your accessories ensures that they integrate seamlessly with your vehicle and cater to your specific off-road adventures.

4. Easy Installation

Wildog Accessories are designed with ease of installation in mind. The accessories come with comprehensive installation instructions and mounting hardware, making the fitting process straightforward. Additionally, many Wildog Accessories are specifically designed to fit specific vehicle models, ensuring a precise and hassle-free installation.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing Design

While functionality is paramount, Wildog Accessories also pay attention to aesthetics. The accessories are meticulously designed to complement the vehicle’s overall appearance and create a rugged, off-road-ready look. Wildog Accessories not only enhance your vehicle’s capabilities but also add a touch of style and personality to your off-road rig.

6. Compatibility with Other Accessories

Wildog Accessories are designed to work seamlessly with other off-road accessories, such as winches, lights, and recovery equipment. The accessories are often equipped with mounting points or brackets, allowing you to easily integrate additional accessories to further enhance your vehicle’s off-road functionality.

Benefits of Wildog Accessories

1. Improved Off-Road Capability

Wildog Accessories significantly enhance your vehicle’s off-road capability. Whether it’s navigating rocky terrain, tackling steep inclines, or fording through water, the added protection, improved ground clearance, and enhanced functionality provided by Wildog Accessories give you the confidence to take on challenging trails with ease.

2. Enhanced Vehicle Protection

Off-road adventures can be demanding on your vehicle, but with Wildog Accessories, you gain an extra layer of protection. The robust construction and strategically placed accessories safeguard your vehicle’s vital components, reducing the risk of damage from rocks, branches, or other potential hazards encountered during off-road excursions.

3. Increased Storage Capacity

Wildog Accessories, such as roof racks and cargo carriers, provide additional storage space for your gear and equipment. Whether you’re camping, overlanding, or embarking on a long-distance expedition, the added storage capacity allows you to carry all the necessary supplies, ensuring a comfortable and organized journey.

4. Versatile Load-Carrying Options

Wildog Accessories offer versatile load-carrying options to accommodate various equipment and accessories. With options like roof racks, rear carriers, and drawer systems, you can easily transport items such as camping gear, recovery equipment, water tanks, and spare tires. The flexibility and adaptability of Wildog Accessories make it easier to tailor your vehicle’s setup to your specific needs.

5. Improved Safety and Peace of Mind

By equipping your vehicle with Wildog Accessories, you enhance safety during off-road adventures. The added protection minimizes the risk of damage to vital components, ensuring that you can navigate through challenging terrain without compromising your vehicle’s functionality. This increased safety translates into peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your off-road journeys.

6. Resale Value Enhancement

Investing in Wildog Accessories can increase the resale value of your vehicle. Off-road enthusiasts and potential buyers often seek vehicles with quality accessories already installed, as it saves them time and effort. By equipping your vehicle with Wildog Accessories, you make it more appealing to the market, potentially commanding a higher resale value when the time comes to sell or upgrade.

We will recommend a levelling spacer on some bumpers, but on the Wildog K9 front bumpers it is not essential.

Powder Coating is more cost effective, but it is a matter of personal taste. Color matching is done by a professional service provider, using the vehicle manufacturers VIN number in order to match the color.

Bash plate - 4mm Mild steel
Bumper shell 3mm, other used parts between 10-16mm

E-coated – This treatment protects your 4x4 accessories from:
• Mild and strong alkalis
• Solvents and chemical spillage
• Moisture
• Rust

A 25mm Spacer set is supplied. The geometry of the suspension setup results in a 50mm lift.

Hilux Dakar / Legend 50 Airbag approved

Ford Ranger Facelift Airbag approved

Jimny Airbag approved

Jimny Rear Towbar approved

Land cruiser front and rear bumpers in the process of testing.

All our other bumpers are airbag compatible but not certified. All bumpers designs as per ASE specs.

Several of our clients have reported back with photos and accounts of the airbags working absolutely perfectly during a collision.

Our bumpers are airbag compatible but not certified. Several of our clients have reported back with photos and accounts of the airbags working absolutely perfectly during a collision.

Our bumpers are airbag compatible but not certified. Several of our clients have reported back with photos and accounts of the airbags working absolutely perfectly during a collision.

Contact your Dealership for more information on what your service plan allows.

Many Insurance companies do cover 4x4 accessories; contact your Insurance Company for more information.

Unfortunately our prices do not include courier cost; we will quote according to distance and weight. Clients are also welcome to collect or make use of their own courier services. The best option would be to contact us for our nearest affiliated fitment centre, where you could buy your Wildog product directly.

Wildog “sidesteps” are heavy duty rock sliders which mount directly to the chassis.

Most of the Wildog products are full, bolt-on, replacements.
The new Ford T6 Face-lift / T7 / Wildtrak / Everest is a grill cut. The Toyota Hilux Legend/Raider range is a grill cut.

The Amarok front bumper is a stiffener cut (The winch plate replace the stiffener on the chassis)
The Fortuner rear is a bumper cut.

Yes there is a small gap between the bumper and the body, we use a door type automotive rubber to fill the gap. Wildog Accessories has a smaller and much more consistent gap, following the curve of the vehicle, than most of our competitors– this is to ensure independent “flex” between the body and the chassis. Because you are replacing the OEM plastic parts with much stiffer steel parts, you’ll need to allow for this “flex” movement during articulation.

Yes all Wildog front replacement bumpers come standard with jacking & recovery points.

Most rear bumpers are spare wheel compatible but rather ask our sales team on your specific model. Spare wheel carriers cannot be added later on the standard rear bumper. This need to be ordered before we start manufacturing.

No, only the Land Cruiser Pick up 79 is compatible with two carriers.